Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) is the credential required by academia and business, recognized globally as the premier credential chosen by individuals seeking to validate their knowledge, skills and abilities relating to the Microsoft Office applications Microsoft Office 2003 - 2007 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and Outlook) - 2010 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook, OneNote and SharePoint).

The Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) certification is the ideal and preferred path to Microsoft's world-renowned technology certification programs, such as Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) and Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP). MTA is positioned to become the premier credential for individuals seeking to explore and pursue a career in technology, or augment related pursuits such as business or any other field where technology is pervasive.

Career and technical education programs across the United States equip students with marketable 2D and 3D design skills by teaching them to use state-of-the-art Autodesk® design software. Autodesk Certified User certification confirms students have the skills necessary to continue their design careers-whether they attend college, enter the workforce or work toward additional levels of industry certification after graduation

HP ATA® Accredited Technical Associate - In today's business environment, employers need IT expertise in translating business objectives into technology strategies and end-to-end solutions. The HP Accredited Technical Associate (HP ATA) certification provides a complete learning solution-including courseware, hands-on labs, practice tests, and certification exams-that goes well beyond simple concepts and product knowledge. The HP ATA certification delivers the industry's first architect-level certification designed for academia. It validates real-world skills and prepares students for employment in small and medium business environments.

PHP Developer Fundamentals on MySQL® Environment is a powerful server-side scripting language for creating dynamic and interactive websites. PHP is the widely-used, free, and efficient alternative to competitors such as Microsoft's ASP. PHP is perfectly suited for Web development and can be embedded directly into the HTML code. SQL (Structured Query Language) is an ANSI (American National Standards Institute) standard for accessing database systems. SQL statements are used to retrieve and update data in a database. By mastering these subjects you will be able to develop and maintain dynamic and interactive web pages and also retrieve and update data from a database over the internet.

Adobe Certified Associate - Landing that first job out of high school or college is daunting. The classic dilemma for students entering the workforce with little or no experience is convincing employers they are capable of doing the job. Talented students now have an effective credibility-building tool they can add to their resumés: Adobe® Certified Associate. For those seeking employment that requires demonstrating the ability to use digital media needed to plan, design, build, and maintain effective communications, Adobe Certified Associate is a certification program that validates the skills of job seekers.

Internet and Computing Core Certification - If you're focusing on a future in computers, or any field that requires the use of computers, one certification can set you apart from the crowd. The Internet and Computing Core Certification (IC3®) provides students and job-seekers with the foundation of knowledge they need to succeed in environments that require the use of computers and the Internet. The Global Standard 3 is an internationally recognized standard for digital literacy and reflects the most relevant skills needed in today's academic and business environments.

IC Health - The Health System has felt for a long time the need for a profound redefinition of organizational and management processes: to simplify, making transparent and easily accessible to citizens services and health provision avoiding wastage of time and public money. For Health professionals who have a low level of IT knowledge, it is now more than necessary to achieve a specific preparation. Innovation is thus to be associated to the use of appropriate and modern technologies in order to create new models of care and health organization being behind the times.

As the global IT industry association, CompTIA builds vendor-neutral certifications that measure foundational skills. They show employers you have the skills to do the job, regardless of the vendor of the hardware or software product. Many of these exams are also prerequisites or electives for more advanced vendor certifications. It really is the starting point for a career in IT. Plus, earning a certification not only proves you have the right skills, but also the dedication and commitment to your career to continue learning.