IC3 Training and Certification Program

IC3 is a Training and Certification program for basic computing and Internet training. It supplies the guidelines for the core knowledge and skills necessary to become productive computer and Internet users.

IC3 is a complete Training and Certification program thanks to the IC3 Approved Courseware didactic support material and IC3 Authorized Instructor certified trainers.

IC3 is a global, vendor independent Training and Certification program. It is invaluable to anyone who wants to enter today‚Äôs digital world and learn to use computers, peripheral devices, the Microsoft® Windows operating system and learn the basics of the most commonly used Microsoft® programs: Word, Excel and Outlook Express as well as learning to use the Internet effectively.

Who is IC3 aimed at?

IC3 - for the end user.

Designed for anyone who wants to "understand computers", IC3 is a training and certification program for basic computer and Internet skills. IC3 established a training and certification path that allows candidates to gain the core skills and knowledge necessary to become competent computer and Internet users in record time. The IC3 certified candidate can also continue his development by using IC3 as the starting point for more advanced certification programs such as Microsoft® Office Specialist, CompTIA® A+, Microsoft® Certified Professional, CISCO® etc.

IC3 - for Educational Institutions

IC3 gives educators a dynamic, global standard to base their programs on; thus guaranteeing that all the fundamental concepts of computing and Internet use are covered in the course. IC3 includes an Academy product that is directed at the academic world and thanks to its simple, direct approach can even be integrated into primary school programs. Educational institutions of every type can use the IC3 program to teach students computing fundamentals, the use of common PC programs and how to use the Internet.

IC3 - in business and in government

Both public and private organizations can us the IC3 Training and Certification program to certify their staff, improve performance and to make sure that investment in expensive technology and networking pays operational dividends immediately. The IC3 program gives e-Government a simple but essential method of growing the basic competencies public administration staff as part of a computer literacy drive.