IC3 2005 Standard Coursewares

How to use these Coursewares

These IC3 Internet and Computing Core Certification coursewares is available exclusively to training centres that administer IC3 exams. IC3 is a global vendor independent training and certification program created to offer a unique, validated, global, certification program that provides the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to be a productive computer user. IC3 is a vendor neutral IT training and certification program that provides information regarding various technology platforms ranging from open source to proprietary. IC3 certification is flexible and available in different versions to reflect new technological advances and standards:

These classroom manuals has been designed to allow the student to understand how to use a computer and the Internet effectively and is a vital aid when preparing students to successfully complete IC³ certification exams. When you use these manuals, you will learn:

NB: CertiTrain has been appointed to publish and distribute exclusively the IC3 2005 – Internet & Computing Core Courseware Arabic version in all Arabic countries.

Product Details

  • Pages: 268
  • Last update: September 2008
  • Format: A4 (210x297)
  • Language: English

Product Details

  • Pages: 421
  • Last update: September 2008
  • Format: A4 (210x297)
  • Language: Arabic

Table of Contents


  • Information technology in general
  • Hardware
  • History of Software
  • Operating Systems
  • Computer, problem and troubleshooting


  • Common Program Functions
  • Word Processing Functions
  • Spreadsheet Functions
  • Presentation Software


  • Networks and the Internet
  • Electronic Mail
  • Internet
  • The Impact of Computing and the Internet on Society

Features of these Coursewares

Lesson Objectives – The objective numbers are listed to the left of each topic. These objective numbers map to the official course objectives and also to the IC3 Benchmark and Mentor application. Each lesson objective is covered in its own section and is covered in a consistent manner. The objectives allow students to quickly grasp key points and prepare for exams.

Clear illustrations in the Student manual – Screen images give students’ visual feedback as they go through the lesson. The images reinforce key concepts, provide visual cues about the steps and give students something to compare their progress to.

Quick Quiz – The instructor can use the questions in the Quick Quiz to stimulate discussion or ask the students to do the quiz as homework. It is a handy tool to aid learning and reinforce the lesson’s key concepts.

Glossary - The glossary contains the definitions of computing terms.