IC Health - General Information

The Health System has felt for a long time the need for a profound redefinition of organizational and management processes: to simplify, making transparent and easily accessible to citizens services and health provision avoiding wastage of time and public money. For Health professionals who have a low level of IT knowledge, it is now more than necessary to achieve a specific preparation. Innovation is thus to be associated to the use of appropriate and modern technologies in order to create new models of care and health organization being behind the times.

The idea of a specific Certification for Health Workers was therefore created to meet the increasing importance that Information Technology is taking internationally in the health field, and the consequent improvement in efficiency produced by it. A concrete answer to this need is the new IC Health Training and Certification Program.

Technical files of IC Health program want to be a practical guide for designers, headmasters, teachers, and more generally to all those involved in the management of training activities, to provide the necessary information for designing training and / or certification courses, and also for the use of tools available for that activity, based on learning modules that the program in question provides.

Why was IC Health developed?

This specific certification for healthcare workers was created because of the increasing importance that worldwide information technology in healthcare has gained and the improvement in healthcare efficiency it has produced.

Who should take the IC Health exam?

The IC Health targets healthcare workers who wish to acquire digital health knowledge by integrating information and communication technologies to address evolving trends. IC Health was created to address the needs of all health workers: general practitioners, specialists, health care managers, nurses, and administrative staff.

What are the benefits of taking the IC Health exam?

The IC Health exam verifies that healthcare workers possess sufficient medical knowledge to use the IT applications that affect patients and their information. IC Health certification assures employers that test candidates have the skills needed to safety access patient data and produce timely, accurate reports. IC Health-certified professionals are instantly recognized as having the critical skills needed to use the latest computer and Internet technology to improve the quality of patient care and the efficiency of healthcare operations.

What skills or concepts does the IC Health exam cover?

IC Health helps healthcare workers acquire knowledge on the following topics:

What are the prerequisites for taking the IC Health exam?

A basic understanding of computers is essential to passing the IC Health exam, therefore Internet and Core Computing Certification (IC3) is the natural prerequisite and is highly recommended prior to attempting the IC Health exam.