T-Prep for MOS 2007

T-Prep Practice Test is a useful tool for instructor-led training delivered by IT Academy & Training Centers. It allows the IT Academy to evaluate both the candidate’s competencies and the competency level achieved at the end of the course. It is possible to use this product both as pre-assessment - to determine the candidate’s initial skill level (Human Resource Skill), and as final feedback to check the training delta. Last, but not least, it is a useful tool for determining the objectives for courses which prepare students to pass MOS 2007 certification exams.

T-Prep Practice Test contains both a "Learning Mode" and "Practice Test" to ensure maximum preparation.

The Learning Mode feature gives test takers a chance to either re-take missed questions or get instant on-screen help. A detailed results report is displayed after each test.

T-Prep Practice Test provides the candidate with a detailed results report which helps with the analysis of training needs, and the preparation of targeted training. Another important function of the detailed results report is the HOW TO functions. For each question that the candidate completes incorrectly, or doesn’t complete, candidate can activate the HOW TO functions in order to understand the solution of the question. Besides by the HOW TO function the Candidate has indicate the relevant paragraph, topic and page from the MOAC 2007 Courseware manuals. That way, the candidate can immediately revise the topic in question. Furthermore, T-Prep Practice Test can be used for a range of activities: evaluation of job applicants, evaluation of staff competency levels, training management and so on.

The T-Prep Practice Test is a fast, efficient way of evaluating a candidate’s IT competencies on each application of the entire Microsoft® Office 2007 and Vista product. T-Prep Practice Test is excellent system tools in order to developer an run very large educational & government projects when it’s required an reasonable number of people certified achieved saving costs of exams failed.

T-Prep Practice Test Features

T-Prep Practice Test Benefits

The main benefits of using the T-Prep Practice Test for exam preparation are as follows:

Using Microsoft® Office Word 2007 Language English
Using Microsoft® Office Excel® 2007 Language English
Using Microsoft® Office PowerPoint® 2007 Language English
Using Microsoft® Office Outlook® 2007 Language English
Using Microsoft® Office Access® 2007 Language English

System requirements: